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Actively promoting the cross century development of China's printing industry

the invention of printing has promoted the spread of human civilization, which is a major contribution made by the working people in ancient China to the development of human society. However, due to historical reasons, China's economy has lagged behind for a long time, and the printing industry has developed slowly. Since the 1980s, with the gradual deepening of reform and opening up, China's printing industry has achieved considerable development. After more than 20 years of efforts, it has become an important force in the national economy. Especially during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, China's printing industry followed the development policy of "strengthening management, optimizing structure and improving quality", and made remarkable achievements. Nevertheless, compared with the developed countries in the world, the overall development level of China's printing industry is still very backward. There is still a big gap in terms of printing technology and equipment level, as well as the management level of enterprises. Digital and networked production, which represents the future development direction of the printing industry, has just started in China

I. The general environment faced by China's printing industry

the general environment refers to the external environment of domestic and foreign politics, economy, social culture, science and technology, physical geography and so on. These environmental factors have an important impact on the development of the industry, and this impact is relatively long-term

First, China is in a critical period of economic system reform. The further deepening of the reform of state-owned printing enterprises, the establishment of a national unified market system and the further improvement of China's market economic system will remove obstacles for China's printing enterprises to move towards standardized market competition

II. China's political situation will remain stable, and the macroeconomic environment will be @9. Note: if the unit conversion of force value is required, press the unit conversion key to continuously improve the conversion, and the national economy will maintain a rapid growth rate, which provides a more relaxed political and economic environment for the development of the printing industry

III. The concept of knowledge economy and sustainable development, the vigorous development of the new technological revolution represented by information technology, will update the social development model with load sensor force measurement, and will have a profound impact on the development of future printing enterprises. Among them, it is particularly worth mentioning that the vigorous development of non paper media will have a serious impact on the traditional media based on paper

IV. with China's entry into the World Trade Organization and the further development of economic globalization, on the one hand, the domestic printing market will be gradually liberalized, which will bring new challenges to the development of China's national printing industry; On the other hand, foreign advanced equipment technology and management experience will also be introduced to China faster, which provides favorable conditions for the development of China's national printing industry and actively participate in the division of labor and competition in the international market

V the promulgation of the regulations on the administration of publishing, the regulations on the administration of printing industry, the regulations on the administration of printing of publications, etc., marks the preliminary establishment of the system of administrative regulations for the printing industry. The further improvement and effective implementation of these laws and regulations will effectively ensure the fair competition in the printing market

VI. the gradual improvement of China's national living standards and the gradual change of demand structure, on the one hand, will increase the national demand for the quantity of printing products, on the other hand, it also puts forward requirements on how to better ensure the work efficiency of printing products. At the same time, the emerging market of on-demand printing and personalized printing is taking shape, and the production of printed matter will tend to be short run length

II. The current situation and Prospect of China's printing industry

the current situation and Prospect of the industry refers to the current and future scale, competition, technical level and economic structure of the industry. Through the understanding of the current situation and prospects of the industry, we can have a clear understanding of the development level and development trend of the industry

1. The economic scale of the printing industry will further expand. After the liquidation and rectification of the national printing industry, there are 151955 printing enterprises of all kinds (including more than 69000 copying, typing and photocopying enterprises), with 3million employees, and the total industrial output value is preliminarily estimated to be more than 100billion yuan, becoming an important industrial sector in the national economic field. It can be expected that with the continuous and rapid development of the national economy and the further improvement of people's living standards, China's printing industry will be further prosperous. Among them: from the perspective of publication printing, at present, the average consumption per person in China is only 6 books, 2 magazines and more than 20 newspapers per year. Publication printing still has considerable development potential. For example, the average annual growth rate of the total amount of newspaper printing in China has exceeded 17% in the past three years; From the perspective of packaging, decoration and printing, it has increased at an average rate of nearly 20% per year in the past decade, and will continue to maintain a high-speed development trend in the future

II. The market competition in the printing industry will be more intense. For a long time, there has been a serious surplus of low-level total production capacity in China's printing industry. Although the clean-up and rectification work has been greatly reduced, the number of printing enterprises has decreased from 185103 before the clean-up and rectification to 151955, a decrease of 17.5% 9%, but this problem has not been fundamentally solved. In this case, there must be a serious oversupply in the printing market, which will lead to more fierce competition among printing enterprises, and there may be a vicious competition trend

III. structural contradictions in the printing industry will be further highlighted. With the surplus of total productivity, another long-term problem of China's printing industry is that the economic structure of the printing industry, including productivity layout, ownership structure, enterprise organization structure and product structure, is incompatible with the further improvement of China's socialist market economic system and the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the national economy. This maladjustment is mainly manifested in: the state-owned printing enterprises have too many redundant staff and low labor productivity; In the printing industry, the low-grade monochrome production capacity is surplus, and the high-grade multicolor production capacity is insufficient; Some printing enterprises have weak modern management concepts and nonstandard management. In fact, under the conditions of market economy, economic structural contradictions have become a serious shackle to the development of the printing industry

IV. the competitive threat brought by non paper media has increased significantly. The Internet revolution characterized by digitalization of information has brought about major changes in the way of information dissemination and has brought a great impact on traditional media. It should be pointed out that today, with the rapid development of non paper media, as a way of information production and dissemination, the role of printing will be relatively gradually weakened, but in terms of the absolute total amount, paper-based printed matter will continue to maintain rapid growth. Therefore, non paper media and traditional paper printing media will coexist at the same time, complement each other, and realize the great union of various media

v. a new revolution will appear in the field of printing technology and equipment. Since the sixth five year plan, China's printing industry has implemented the 16 character technology development direction of "Laser Phototypesetting, electronic color separation, offset printing and binding linkage". Now, it is developing in the direction of digital networking printing. Digitalization and networking, as an important direction of the development of printing technology in the future, will run through the whole development process. At present, digital workflow combined with network and cross media publishing technology have been applied; Computer direct plate making technology has been widely used; The quality of digital printing is increasingly close to that of traditional offset printing, and is developing towards high-speed and wide width. All these will inevitably lead to a new technological revolution in the printing industry

Sixth, China's printing industry will continue to implement special industry management. Because of the unique position of the printing industry in the construction of China's two civilizations, China has been implementing special industry management for the printing industry since the founding of the people's Republic of China. In the future, this management system will continue to be adhered to and improved, especially for publication printing, which will continue to be strictly supervised and managed

third, actively promote the cross century development of China's printing industry. We clearly perceive the cultural gene of this entrepreneurial platform - being hardworking, open and inclusive

through the analysis of the general environment and the current situation and prospects of the printing industry, we can understand the external environment, potential competitors and future development trends of the printing industry, so as to put forward practical ideas for the cross century development of China's printing industry

I. provide a market environment of fair competition. Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, China's printing industry has achieved unprecedented high-speed development, but at the same time, the trend of blindness in the development of the printing industry is also obvious, and there is a certain degree of chaos in the printing market, which shows that the development of China's printing market is still immature. Therefore, an important task for the development of China's printing industry in the future is to further purify the printing market, promote China's printing market to gradually mature and perfect, and establish a fair competition, standardized operation, healthy and orderly printing market

Second, accelerate the strategic adjustment of the economic structure of the printing industry. To adapt to the general trend of global industrial structure adjustment and the new situation of China's economic and social development, we must actively promote the institutional innovation and scientific and technological innovation of the printing industry, and strive to find a new way of leapfrog development that is market-oriented, enterprises as the main body, and supported by technological progress and industrial upgrading. Therefore, we should actively adopt advanced and applicable technologies to transform the traditional printing industry, and closely combine the transformation of the traditional printing industry with the development of high-tech industries; Necessary administrative measures should be taken to shut down printing enterprises with poor product quality and in violation of laws and regulations, eliminate backward equipment and processes, and continue to reduce low-level production capacity; In accordance with the principles of specialized division of labor and cooperation and economies of scale, we should actively promote the restructuring, reorganization and transformation of printing enterprises, and speed up the organizational structure adjustment of state-owned printing enterprises and the construction of modern enterprise system. Only in this way can we adapt to the two fundamental changes of the economic system and the mode of economic growth and the requirements of expanding opening up, promote the printing industry from extensive expansion to connotative intensive management, and thus promote China's printing industry to achieve a qualitative leap at a higher level

III. meet the challenges brought by the development of information technology. The development of information technology promotes the emergence of digital workflow and cross media publishing technology, realizes the combination of printing technology with digital technology and networking technology, and marks the arrival of the era of digitalization and networking in the printing industry. The rapid development of direct plate making technology CTP, digital workflow and cross media publishing technology will certainly bring great impact to the traditional printing industry. From the situation of our country, digital printing has just started, which is far from the development level of the world printing industry. There is still a big gap between the digitization and networking of the printing industry and the developed countries in the world. Therefore, in order to keep up with the development process of the world's printing industry, China's printing industry must catch up and realize the leapfrog development of the field of digital printing

IV. in the future, printing enterprises should develop towards multi business comprehensive information production factories and become data processing companies and digital printing companies. In the era of information digitalization, web and e-reader will become a wide range of information dissemination tools, and traditional printed matter will also exist in large quantities. Therefore, to meet the needs of the development of the times, printing enterprises should actively use information resources, develop a variety of media production, and become a multi business comprehensive information production factory in the future. Of course, putting forward this development direction is just a forward-looking plan for the future direction of printing enterprises

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