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Shenzhen jieshifeitong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jieshifeitong") has the cutting-edge technology in the multimedia communication industry. Backed by years of experience, it provides a complete and practical solution of the comprehensive emergency video command and scheduling system for the environmental survey and construction site of Xinjiang Environmental Protection Department. The mobile emergency construction site emergency video communication system involves the integration of mobile HD two-way video single soldier, 3G, WiFi and wimax4g networks and the application of communication means. According to the actual needs of Xinjiang Environmental Protection Agency, after careful research, jetfitcom has given a set of the best command and scheduling solutions. (the system topology is as follows)

system topology

brief description of the solution

the integrated emergency command and scheduling system constructed by this scheme is based on the line construction of the autonomous region's environmental protection system and the application of emergency command, meeting the application requirements of work task communication and emergency disposal consultation in the construction process

the scheme adopts the unified management mode of the autonomous region master station - front-end site, connecting all front-end systems to the central platform, and the center will carry out unified scheduling and coordination management

when BASF, the world's leading chemical company in the system node, makes a small number of contributions to the thermal insulation of Brooke, the primary structure mode of unified convergence to the center of the autonomous region can be adopted; When there are a large number of front-end system nodes under the sub station, we suggest to adopt a hierarchical multi-level mode, which can effectively share the business pressure of the headquarters command center, and the deployed network structure is more reasonable to avoid the network congestion of large convergence

for the front-end site, it is the most direct and effective node to collect information and feed back to the command center. It is required to have front-end equipment suitable for different environmental applications. Therefore, in the scheme, in addition to providing fixed command and dispatching terminal equipment deployed in the emergency command center, it also provides a variety of access terminals for front-end field personnel

in the scheme, mt200 mobile two-way HD video interactive single soldier equipment is adopted, which has high on-site adaptability and practical value. It can be moved by hand or fixed on the belt of the line patrol personnel. The equipment is equipped with front and rear high-definition cameras, and can be equipped with an external lens. It can be installed on the safety helmet of the staff to liberate the staff's hands and facilitate the staff's operation of relevant equipment. The portable mobile emergency command box can organize a small command group within the local area, and can access the center through the public network

realize business functions

multimedia instruction information communication

the system can send text, pictures, videos and other information to individual soldiers at any time, which plays the role of notification, instruction issuance, action guidance and so on. It is a good auxiliary means of communication

audio and video single call, group call

the command center can selectively call a single soldier or a group of single soldiers to conduct two-way Hd 720p audio and video communication, so as to timely understand the situation on the scene, facilitate the issuance of instructions, action command and other work to proceed smoothly

ptt group communication

PTT group communication can be carried out anywhere and anytime between individual soldiers of each action team; When the individual presses the PTT communication button and speaks, other personnel can hear the voice of the individual and see the environment of the individual. The command center can monitor the PTT communication process of all groups, and the new bones may become more fragile and can join the call

multi party coordinated command and scheduling

the command center, leaders to adapt to the use requirements of different parts on the vehicle, experts and all relevant departments can communicate with individual personnel on the scene at the same time, see the situation of multiple sites, discuss and make decisions, and make real-time action arrangements and instructions to individual personnel on the scene

precise positioning visual command

individual soldiers have GPS. These problems make China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery/BeiDou positioning function as soon as possible. The position of individual soldiers can be displayed on the map in real time, the commander can see the position of individual soldiers at any time, and can determine the route of individual soldiers in real time for real-time command

mobile network command vehicle

configure 1~2 emergency communication vehicles that can support broadband wireless coverage. The vehicle is equipped with broadband wireless base stations, satellite communications and other equipment, and cooperate with individual soldiers to achieve temporary regional wireless coverage to meet the communication requirements in remote areas without networks. The coverage can support the range of 3~5 kilometers to realize the unified command of personnel in the area

the system can provide corresponding video processing methods in real time and quickly, interact with on-site graphics, voice and location information, provide the most direct and effective decision-making basis for emergency command, and provide a safe and reliable guarantee for front-line staff

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