Top five tips to improve car owner satisfaction

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Five tips to improve the satisfaction of car owners

at present, it is difficult for maintenance personnel to master new maintenance technologies and new processes. Repairing cars based on experience still exists, and the problem of high-tech automobile maintenance is still a major problem perplexing repair plants. The uneven quality of automobile maintenance will cause the following negative effects:

1 for car owners: the maintenance price of high-end vehicles is too high

2 to the repair shop: it causes mistrust of customers and loss of customers

in addition, the habit of improper replacement of parts by maintenance personnel increases the burden on car owners, and disputes with car owners also occur from time to time, seriously damaging the image of the garage

therefore, all maintenance personnel must undergo pre job maintenance skill training and assessment. Only those who pass the assessment, obtain the corresponding grade certificate, and have excellent maintenance skills can go on duty to carry out maintenance operations

II. Correct use and standardized management of equipment

1. Carefully assess whether the repairman can correctly use the existing equipment

such as four-wheel aligner, diagnostic instrument, scanner, special oscilloscope for automobile, special electric meter for automobile, engine analyzer, exhaust gas tester, computer dynamic balancing machine... These testing equipment themselves are high-tech products, and they are the advanced integration of electronic testing technology and computer technology, Therefore, it is necessary to be proficient in operation and use

2. Regularly maintain and repair the maintenance equipment and calibrate the measuring tools

some equipment should be upgraded in time according to the manufacturer's regulations. Don't wait until you use it to find that the tools and equipment can't be controlled by the microcomputer control system. The system mainly implements a series of instructions for the above four parts to control the equipment, and then organizes personnel to calibrate or repair, which not only delays time, but also affects the construction period and the prestige in the owner's heart

third, it is necessary to strengthen the quality management of accessories

the purchased accessories should be subject to warehousing inspection, outbound inspection and use process inspection. When there is a problem with the accessories, the personnel of the inspection department, technical department and supply department should pay attention to the analysis of the problem

if it is the problem of the parts themselves, it should be registered in the "unqualified parts record form", return (exchange) with the supplier, and fill the data of the return (exchange) compared with its data on June 30, 2016 in the "parts return (exchange) record form" as the basis for regular evaluation of suppliers in the future

the warehouse keeper should also track and check the price and time of the warehoused accessories in time, and report to the relevant leaders if necessary. The leaders can take the forms of random sampling, unannounced visits, etc., and check whether the purchase price of accessories is reasonable through comparison, re quotation, etc., which is conducive to the effective control of the purchase of accessories, and also helps to avoid fraud in the purchase process

in addition, the spare parts warehouse should be ventilated and dry, and the temperature and humidity should be adjusted appropriately to prevent spare parts from overstock, deformation and aging due to long storage period. According to the performance and requirements of the flexible packaging film to be tested

IV. collect maintenance data for file management

modern cars have thousands of models, and new technologies are constantly applied to cars. It is impossible for anyone to repair all new models, and at the same time, it is necessary to master more data. If you want to control the maintenance quality and repair the car, you can't do without maintenance information

as a transportation tool widely used in various metal, non-metal, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wire and cable, paper, film, rubber, textile, aerospace and other industries for tensile performance index testing, there will be a variety of situations in use, and the technical status of each system is changing. If these changes are not known by the maintenance personnel, in the process of vehicle fault diagnosis and maintenance, they often lead to the judgment and operation errors of the maintenance personnel, resulting in unnecessary human and material losses, reducing work efficiency, and there is no way to guarantee the maintenance quality

therefore, it is necessary to master vehicle maintenance information and maintenance files. For vehicle maintenance information, first of all, master the timeliness, accuracy, practicality and convenience of domestic new vehicle maintenance information

for vehicle maintenance files, it should have the following functions:

① customer vehicle technical files, including: basic characteristics of vehicles, vehicle maintenance (including troubleshooting) records and theoretical analysis of maintenance process

② inspection technical archives, including assembly overhaul identification, accident identification, fault case set, etc

v. establish a quality management system

good quality management requires a good quality management system. We should not only manage the maintenance work of employees, but also manage daily common sense of life. Cultivate repairmen to be polite and treat customers in a civilized manner

in life, the repairman is required to get up on time in daily life. He can't drink a full mouthful of wine every night. In the morning, the employee is required to eat breakfast. Breakfast is very important to his body. Eating a good breakfast as a repairman has both spirit and physical work, and does a good day's maintenance work

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