How to choose carton printing machine

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How to choose and buy carton printing machines

with the continuous improvement of Printing Science and technology, the varieties of printing machines on the market have been diversified, and some equipment structures also have some post-processing production functions. It can be said that the current printing machine manufacturing technology is more mature with less energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal, which is to improve the printing quality and production efficiency of products and reduce the consumption of printing production, Played a great role in promoting. Due to the different types of printing equipment, their uses are also different. The printing machine used in carton production must conform to the characteristics of carton products and printing production process, so as to achieve the fundamental purpose of better meeting production requirements and improving economic benefits

understanding of the type, structure and production characteristics of carton printing machines

there are many types and structures of carton printing machines, including gravure printing machines, flexographic printing machines and lithographic printing machines suitable for pre printing carton paper, multi-functional models that can complete glazing, hot stamping, silk screen printing, etc. online, web paper structure and flat paper models; More suitable for direct printing of corrugated board, the equipment can also be online to complete slotting, corner cutting, slitting and indentation of the flexographic printing machine. The pre printing equipment of cartons refers to that before the face paper (such as kraft paperboard or white paperboard) and corrugated paperboard are mounted, the pictures and texts on the box are printed on the corresponding position of the face paper by the printer in advance, and then the printed face paper and corrugated paperboard are mounted, and then the die-cutting machine is used to make the finished carton through die-cutting indentation and molding. This kind of machine is characterized by high printing efficiency and high printing accuracy, which is more suitable for printing high-end color corrugated boxes for beverages, beer, electronic equipment and other food packaging. The semi-finished products printed by the preprint equipment with web structure can be directly mounted into corrugated board on the corrugated line. Because there is a certain heating and forming time during production, the strength of corrugated boxes can be better improved by using this kind of equipment. The flexographic printing machine suitable for corrugated board printing is printed on the surface of uneven corrugated board. The ink quality effect of its printing graphics and text is obviously inferior to that of the pre printing equipment, especially not suitable for printing fine point color products. Therefore, this kind of machine is generally only suitable for medium and low-grade carton products with thick graphics and text

basic principles of choosing carton printing machine

choosing carton printing machine should proceed from the principles of economy, technology and applicability, so as to better improve the economic benefits of enterprises. The so-called economy means that the equipment investment should be small, the equipment utilization space should be large, the operators used by the machine should be small, and the production cost should be low, which is the basis for improving economic benefits. From a technical point of view, products with fixed layout, large printing quantity, large printing area and thick ink layer on the layout should be printed by gravure printing machine, which is conducive to improving the printing quality and production efficiency of tissue paper. Lithographic printing machines can be used for printing products with rich printing layout colors, large graphic printing area, products with colored layout and products with variable printing quantity per batch. For products with rough surface paper materials, simple line plates, lax ink color requirements, local words and patterns of the layout that need to be changed frequently or reprinted for many times, and carton products with simple and rough die-cutting and indentation layout, flexible printing slotting machines can be selected to directly print and online slitting, corner cutting, slotting and indentation of corrugated cardboard. Applicable means that the type of printing machine selected should be suitable for the product structure characteristics of the factory. For example, for carton products with various structures, factories with large production scale can have gravure, lithography and flexographic printing machines at the same time. In this way, the comprehensive utilization of equipment, production efficiency and product printing quality can be greatly improved

generally speaking, carton enterprises must be clear about the production direction of their own factories when purchasing printing machines. In other words, before choosing a machine, you must first clarify your product characteristics, and accurately understand the performance and characteristics of various printing machines, so as to correctly decide which model to choose and which auxiliary equipment or devices to configure, so that the purchased equipment can give full play to its due role

several elements that should be understood and mastered when choosing a printing machine

the correct purchase of a printing machine is related to the production efficiency and product quality of a factory. After all, equipment procurement is different from raw materials. Once the electric control system of the high-frequency fatigue test-bed is put into use, the machine generally cannot be returned. If you do not accurately understand the market situation and blindly purchase printing equipment, after a period of use, even if you have found the shortcomings of the machine and the characteristics that are not suitable for the products of this factory, it is too late. Therefore, when purchasing printing machines, we must take a cautious attitude. First, we should carefully investigate the market situation, timely understand and master the latest technological development, and know what kind of products need to use what kind of printing machines, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and quality, and reducing consumption and production. 3. The cost of necessary checkpoints for the control panel of plastic tensile testing machine, which is the most important factor that should be considered. Therefore, when choosing a printing machine, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

understanding the performance and use of the machine

understanding the performance and use of the printing machine is a very important procurement knowledge, and it is also a key link related to whether the selected printing machine can adapt to the product characteristics of the factory and ensure the realization of low input and high output. Therefore, before equipment procurement, we must conduct careful investigation and understanding through careful consultation and going deep into the market, so as to accurately understand the actual performance and accurate use of the printing machine. Market research is not only to investigate and understand the equipment manufacturer, but also to understand the actual use performance and situation of the printing machine in the relevant carton factory and printing machine factory. Only in this way can we have a more accurate understanding and avoid one sidedness and blindness in procurement

understand the technical performance of printing machines

various printing machines have requirements for technical performance, requirements and scope of application. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to understand the relevant technical requirements of the printing machine, so that it can be reasonably selected and accepted according to the standard requirements, so that the selected printing machine can better meet and meet the requirements of equipment performance and production. The technical requirements of the printing machine mainly include the specification of the machine, the maximum and minimum printing format, the thickness of printing materials, overprint accuracy, machine speed, motor power, etc., which must be understood clearly

choose the printing machine with the right price

the price of the printing machine determines the production cost. We should get rid of the misunderstanding of "the price of a good printing machine must be high" and "cheap without good goods". In fact, due to the differences in production management level, production scale and regional economy, there will be a certain price difference for the same type of printing machine, and even some factories produce printing machines with advanced performance, but the price is lower than that of other factories. Therefore, when purchasing, we must pay attention to multi-party understanding, investigation and comparison, so that the production capacity and product printing quality of the selected printing machine can be better guaranteed, and the machine price is reasonable

determine the type and quantity of printing machines to be purchased according to the actual situation of the factory

reasonably determine the configuration of the machines to be purchased. The so-called machine configuration refers to some production functions and devices in the structure of the printing machine, such as the number of printing units, online polishing, die cutting, hot stamping and other units or devices. The configuration of the machine should take into account the characteristics of the production process. For example, in terms of the characteristics of the flexographic printing process, there are obvious differences between it and the lithographic and intaglio printing processes. For example, with the lithographic and intaglio printing processes, for products with both field and fine words, existing lines and lines on the same color plate, as long as a printing plate is made, the requirements of printing quality can be met by using one color group. If the flexographic printing process is used, It is necessary to split a layout into two plates and print with two color decks, so as to better overcome the quality problems such as plate pasting that are prone to occur in the process. Therefore, if the return on the selection of this product is 3-5 yuan flexographic printing, we must consider the reasonable allocation of the number of color decks. However, if the printing of pre printed paper boxes, paper boxes and other packaging prints is the main process, glazing, die cutting, hot stamping and other processes are often indispensable, it is necessary to consider the configuration of drying devices and units with corresponding functions

reasonable purchase of machine specifications

the specifications of the printing machine are related to the size of the printing format. A large printing area of the machine means high production efficiency. The width of the unfolding size of large and medium-sized carton products is generally more than 1000mm. Therefore, on the one hand, the selected machine printing width should also be more than 1000mm to meet the production requirements of carton products; On the other hand, now the business competition in the carton industry is quite fierce, and the low profit situation of printing is increasingly prominent. Some printing manufacturers will aim to improve the printing profit, aiming at improving the printing format. For some products with a large number, they often need to print by making up large plates, so as to reduce production consumption and production costs, and improve printing efficiency and production efficiency. Pre printed carton products, mainly printing beverages and beer, generally have a large number of printing, so large printing machines can be considered for printing. Therefore, in the case of saturated production, if the output can be achieved with two medium-sized printing machines, and if only one large printing machine can be used, it is better to consider purchasing large printing machines. The factories that mainly print cartons have relatively large product specifications. The purchase of large printing machines has greater development and utilization space, which is conducive to improving production efficiency

choosing a good supplier

choosing a good supplier is an important link in the purchase control of printing equipment. Printing equipment with good performance is crucial to the improvement of carton production efficiency and product quality. The purchase control of printing equipment should be based on the guarantee of machine performance and printing adaptability, and the price is relatively appropriate, so as to give better consideration to the printing quality and production cost of products. Therefore, when choosing printing equipment suppliers, we should consider choosing manufacturers with relatively large production capacity and scale, strong manufacturing technology, good product quality and considerate after-sales service, which is very important. They will play a certain role in ensuring the future production and quality stability of the factory. Imported printing machines have their advantages in performance and progressiveness, but they are expensive. In addition, if the equipment is damaged, the supply and price of accessories are also a big problem. After some parts of imported printing machines in some factories are damaged, they have to use other parts or self processed parts to replace them because of the supply or price of accessories, which has certain disadvantages. Therefore, for products that can be printed by domestic printing machines, it is best to choose domestic printing machines for printing. In fact, the printing machines produced by some domestic printing machine manufacturers are also trustworthy in terms of technical performance, production adaptability, after-sales service, etc., and the price of domestic printing machines is much lower than that of similar imported machines, and the supply of accessories is also very convenient