How to check the positive crankcase ventilation va

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How to check that the data block controlled by the hardware logic circuit is collected, check the engine positive crankcase ventilation valve

check/replace the positive crankcase ventilation control valve

the positive crankcase ventilation control valve is usually installed under the valve cover. Please refer to the vehicle manual for the specific location

5. Regularly check the transmission of the sprocket

the general inspection is to remove the crankshaft, especially the vigorous forced ventilation control valve with low energy consumption, from the valve cover, and then shake it. If there is a click, the valve is normal

the more accurate inspection steps are as follows:

1) connect the tachometer to the engine

2) when the engine is idling, remove the positive crankcase ventilation control valve from its base

3) check the tachometer reading. Press the inlet of the valve or the inlet of the hose with your fingers, and you should feel suction at this time

4) check the tachometer again. At this time, the engine speed should decrease by at least 50R/min. After releasing the "hand" from the port of the valve, the engine speed should return to the normal value

5) if the engine speed does not change or the changed value is less than 50r/min when pressing the port of the valve or hose with your finger, it means that the hose is blocked or the valve fails. Check the hose first. If the hose is not blocked, replace the positive crankcase ventilation control valve

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