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How to choose bearings for agricultural machinery

bearings are the supporting parts of rotating shafts or movable parts of various machinery, and are widely used in agricultural machinery such as agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engines, motors, threshers, etc. The bearing code is commonly used in the purchase of bearings, but the bearing code is more complicated. If the palm of the agricultural machine grasps the law of identifying the bearing code, the purchase is easy

generally, commonly used bearings are some standard models, code "0", tolerance grade "g" (ordinary grade), and the first section of general bearings can be left blank, so its code is mostly represented by 7 digits of the basic code

from the oil spill port and other outlets, we can see that

now we give an example to illustrate the meaning of the bearing code: for example (135 series diesel engine shaft main bearing), its basic code is identified from right to left. The two digits of "36" indicate inner light, and its calculation method is 36 × 5 = 180 mm; "1" means diameter series extra light; "2" means cylindrical roller bearing; "00" means that the outer ring of the bearing structure has no flange; "7" indicates that the width is easier to realize, and the contrast series of data is narrow. If the manipulator chooses the bearing code of other standard models with 7 digits, it can be pushed like this

when choosing bearings, refer to the bearing inner diameter, which is represented by the first and second digits at the right end in the basic code. Bearing inner diameter is divided into standard and non-standard inner diameter, and it should also be stopped automatically. The difference between non-standard inner diameter and non-standard inner diameter is not an integer or an integer multiple of 5. For the convenience of machine operators

now take an example:

① if the inner diameter of the bearing is less than 9 mm, it is represented by the actual size of the first digit at the right end. For example, bearing No. 18 has an inner diameter of 8 mm

② the bearing inner diameter is 10-17 mm, which is expressed by a fixed number. For example, bearing numbers 100 and 201 have good repeatability, 302 and 403. Their inner diameter codes are 00, 01, 02 and 03 respectively, and their inner diameters are 10, 12, 15 and 17 mm respectively

③ the bearing inner diameter is 20-480mm (except 22, 28 and 32), which is expressed by dividing the inner diameter dimension by 5

④ if the bearing inner diameter is more than 500 mm (22, 28, 32), it is expressed in fractions, the denominator represents the inner diameter, and the numerator represents the size series, type and structural form of the bearing. For example, the inner diameter of 30031/560 bearing is 560mm, and so on

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