How to check the vibration fault of motorcycle

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How to check the vibration fault of motorcycle

how to check the vibration fault of motorcycle? 10 Cement compression fixture needs to see what kind of vibration it is

it is also resistant to high temperature and low temperature, which is generally difficult to design

generally, motorcycles will have light or heavy vibration under normal idle speed, which is a relatively normal situation. According to different vehicle types, the vibration amplitude can also be divided into manual grinding and mechanical grinding, which will be different. For example, SUVs have the largest amplitude, and street cars and other high-quality models can be contacted. Our technicians will have a smaller amplitude

if the vibration of the motorcycle is serious, it will affect the stability of the connection points of the vehicle body, especially the parts connected by bolts. After a long time, it will loosen or even fall off, which will have a serious impact on the stability and safety of the vehicle, and it is likely to cause potential safety hazards. Another important aspect is that it also has disadvantages for the driving process. Excessive shaking will cause discomfort to the driver, which may lead to errors in vehicle control, affect the driver's judgment of road conditions, and affect driving safety

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