How to choose barcode generation software

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How to choose barcode generation software for selling tray

most users may have no specific requirements for barcode generation software. The existence of these problems makes China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, thinking that it is OK to buy or load it casually. The answer is No. First of all, we should make clear what type of barcode and output format we need to do wait. The software that can be bought on the market originally claims to support some popular bar codes, but often only oneortwo of the ten are feasible, and the others are not used, so we don't know whether they are stable and reliable. Some extreme examples may have different qualities together with a type of bar code with different contents. How to choose barcode generation software

1. First determine the range of barcode types you need, refer to the opinions of other users, or download the trial version and check it first. Of course, it needs barcode detection instruments as assistance to judge. As for how to choose bar code detector, it will be discussed in another article

2. The output mode (such as printing mode, connecting computer production software... Etc.) directly affects the requirements of the selected output format, and some need to include the driver of the relevant printer Some formats of processing software (such as AI files) should be supported. If it is in the printing industry, it is recommended to use the format of outputting AI files for the increasingly enthusiastic market trend, because it will be more stable than others

3. It is best for the software to provide hints about relevant standards, such as size and height restrictions, because most users do not know much about this aspect, which may cause unnecessary errors. There is a certain proportion between the width and height of some barcodes (see another article: the barcode height of ucc/ean should conform to the proportion)

4 It is very important that the software should provide adjustable line width to correct the error caused by the printing method. The accuracy is preferably as low as microns

5. The degree of convenience is suitable for users. Some users need to know proper nouns or understand relevant standards before using them, but most users do not have relevant knowledge, so it is not recommended to use them. Some of the same barcode types have more than ten to more than twenty sub categories, so users are even more confused. In addition to simple operation, it is best to have after-sales service such as technical support To pass. Of course, the professional status of sales units is also concerned

6. Since most of the uses of bar codes involve export trade, there are certainly requirements for foreign languages, especially English

7. The old and new versions of software can not represent its stable and reliable consistency in the end. (end)

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