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How to choose 3D scanner in relief carving industry

how to choose and buy 3D scanners is a new topic for users in the carving industry. But for the mold manufacturing industry, especially the mold manufacturing industry in Guangdong, this topic dates back to 2000, when the mold industry has begun to contact 3D scanners

we know that the purpose of 3D scanning is to obtain the size or shape of objects through scanning and measurement, so as to prepare complete 3D geometric data for our subsequent machine tool production. The main technical evaluation index is measurement accuracy

three dimensional scanning measurement is divided into contact scanning and non-contact scanning according to the scanning mode

contact scanning simply means that the metal probe contacts the surface of the object to obtain the measurement data. In this way, if the CMM and its trigger probe are used for scanning, the accuracy can reach the micron level. Generally, this measurement method is mainly used in automobile engine measurement, mold measurement and other metal manufacturing industries. Of course, the price of CMM is also hundreds of thousands to millions. At present, there is also a low-precision probe scanning head in China, which is far less sensitive than the former in accuracy and measurement response. However, it can sometimes cope with wood carvings with low requirements, and the price is about 10000 to 20000, mainly to meet low-end users who have very low requirements for accuracy

non contact scanning measurement methods are also divided into point laser scanning, line laser scanner and photographic laser scanner

point laser scanning head, other foreign central ministries and commissions will also introduce a number of policies and measures such as finance, taxation, human resources, land, and guiding the withdrawal of "zombie enterprises". The point laser scanning head is currently used in the three-dimensional industry. Its measurement accuracy generally reaches the micron level, and the price is generally about 100000 yuan. At present, it is mainly used in the measurement of high-precision mechanical products, such as the measurement of marine spiral blades. At present, there are also some laser scanning heads in China, which cost tens of thousands of yuan, but their accuracy has not yet reached the level of microns

line laser scanning head, which first appeared in the domestic mold industry market around 2000, originated from the state-owned manufacturing technology independently developed by domestic Hisense Group and the manufacturing technology from Taiwan. Its measurement accuracy has reached a higher accuracy level: 0.02mm, which is comparable to similar foreign products of the same period. The products of these two technologies dominated the mold scanning and measurement industry market at that time. The overall price of the machine is about 200000 to 300000. But so far, only Qingdao HengZhun Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is still producing and selling domestic products with independent technology. Now the company has also developed a new laser scanning head system for the engraving machine industry, which has also begun to be sold. The system only needs to be connected to any brand of engraving machine for scanning and measurement. In addition, many 3D scanner products from other sources have appeared in the domestic market, but their scanning accuracy and quality are far from reaching the accuracy level of constant precision machine. However, due to its low price, it still occupies some sales markets in the engraving machine industry

photographic laser scanner. This product is mainly used for scanning in a very large measurement range, such as car head, high-speed train head, aircraft parts, etc. This kind of scanner has the advantages of fast scanning speed and large scanning area. But generally speaking, the scanning accuracy is lower than that of line scanning. This product is currently produced by Beijing Bowei Hengxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. There are also load tests carried out according to DIN EN 22088 ⑶. The performance of the company's products is equivalent to that of similar foreign products. From the above introduction, we know that scanners with different principles provide different purposes of scanning measurement. It can meet the needs of different customers. For example, for the relief scanning of wood carvings, laser line scanning is the best choice. However, in addition to understanding the principles and functions of the above hardware devices. We also need to focus on the functions of measurement software

powerful measurement software can provide the integration of scanning measurement and data conversion. For example, the scanning measurement software of Qingdao HengZhun precision machine can output processed data after scanning, which can be directly converted into gray-scale images for engraving machines. In this way, the tedious work of manually processing graphics can be reduced. But if the scanning accuracy is not enough or the function of the processing software is not good enough. Then the scanned data should be processed manually. Then the gain is not worth the loss

to sum up, we know that laser spot scanning pursues some detection parameters. In fact, we don't know that it is high-precision, laser photographing and scanning, and it pursues a large measurement range. In the engraving industry, it is necessary to meet both high scanning accuracy and fast scanning speed. Therefore, the best choice for wood carving industry is laser line scanning system. (EN the well-known top formula racing car body is made of carbon fiber composite d)

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