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British scientists invent electricity storage plastics <5 Power supply 220VAC 50hz/p>

British scientists have recently developed a kind of plastic that can charge and discharge a colorful world without friction. The researchers said that this new type of plastic is expected to replace the batteries currently used in, walkmans, automobiles and other industries that have broad prospects for development

it is reported that the new power storage plastic sample made by researchers at Imperial College London is about 32 square centimeters in size, with a thickness similar to that of a biscuit. It can power a light-emitting diode for 20 minutes after charging for 5 seconds

the air humidity of this power storage plastic should be kept below 30%. The working principle is similar to that of a traditional battery, which is composed of three layers of fiber materials. The upper and lower layers of carbon fiber are covered with conductive resin to act as positive and negative electrodes respectively, and the middle layer is glass fiber

but emilgreenharg, a member of the research team, said that this kind of power storage plastic is not a real battery, but more like a super capacitor. It is lighter and thinner than traditional batteries, with faster charging and discharging speed, and no chemical reaction during use, so it has a longer service life. Researchers are now working with Volvo cars to study the application of this material in the company's hybrid electric vehicles to reduce vehicle weight and improve work efficiency. However, greenhalger said that the application scope of this research result can be extended to small devices such as, Walkman, etc. He predicted that this new type of power storage plastic could replace batteries within 10 years

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