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The British Plastics Association affirmed the EFSA bisphenol a ruling

the British Plastics Association welcomed the EFSA ruling on bisphenol A. According to experts, the British Plastics Association (BPF) recently announced that it welcomed the ruling results of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) on the safety of bisphenol A (BPA). 1. The correct use of the ring stiffness testing machine is welcome. What kind of spring fatigue testing machine is used to test the coil spring of the automobile safety belt? Phi6, an official of the association, and liplaw, at the end of the bellows ring stiffness testing machine experiment, said, "in recent years, the problem of bisphenol A has been paid great attention by all countries, and some countries' understanding of the substance has been divorced from the substance itself. The EFSA's investigation results on the safety of bisphenol A can provide a reassurance for consumers and promote standardized operation." In addition, he said, "the safety of plastics containing bisphenol A can be guaranteed, because its safety is recognized not only by the European food safety agency, but also by institutions such as the British National Health Service (NHS)."

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