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BYD took over the layout of 9000 industrial robots in Flextronics' Changsha plant

influenced by Trump's prohibition policy on Huawei's entity list, Flextronics, the world's two largest OEM giants, seized Huawei's materials and was dissolved by Huawei. According to relevant sources, Flextronics Hunan Changsha factory has been transferred to BYD Electronics International (hereinafter referred to as BYD Electronics) engaged in OEM. Wangnianqiang, co-founder and CEO of BYD electronics, said in a recent interview with Hong Kong Wen Wei Po about the unmanned smart factory that BYD electronics has 12000 R & D engineers devoted to innovation and is striving to build an unmanned super smart factory. The industry believes that BYD electronics, which has the advantages of time, place and people, is expected to be among the global OEM giants in the future

Flextronics cut its own path BYD electronics welcomed the opportunity

Huawei withdrew its cooperation with Flextronics and uploaded that BYD electronics had purchased the Hunan Changsha factory of Flextronics. BYD electronics, which has always been very low-key, has attracted attention from all walks of life. The registered address of Changsha BYD Electronics Co., Ltd., which was just registered and established on June 11, happens to be the location of phase II of Flextronics Changsha factory. Its main business is intelligent equipment manufacturing, intelligent consumer equipment manufacturing, etc. BYD electronics declined to comment. However, an insider of BYD electronics revealed that it was confirmed that BYD electronics had low mechanical strength and acquired Flextronics Changsha phase II

as the world's second largest OEM giant, Flextronics announced on May 17 that it would stop all cooperation with Huawei, and Huawei subsequently excluded it from its partners. In the absence of Huawei, a huge customer, its future business will undoubtedly be greatly affected. After all, last year, its revenue from Huawei reached $2.43 billion (16.7 billion yuan). Huawei transferred relevant businesses to Foxconn and BYD electronics. Although the scale of BYD electronics is difficult to compete with Foxconn, the first OEM giant, and Flextronics, the second, Flextronics has just given BYD electronics a chance to catch up

BYD electronics factory is located in Longgang Baolong Industrial Park. As an invisible OEM giant, BYD electronics entered the industry as early as 1995. After more than 20 years of R & D, innovation and development, its OEM capacity ranks among the top in the world. Huawei, Samsung, apple, Google and other well-known brands are their partners. On average, 2 of every 10 sets in the world have applied BYD electronics technology. BYD electronics is the main supplier of the top 6 Android brands in terms of global shipments. Last year, BYD shipped about 200million electronic metal structural parts (the back shell is a part of the structural parts), accounting for about 1/3 of the total global Android metal shipments. The production capacity of 3D glass will reach 100million pieces in 2018 and 200million pieces in 2019, which has leapt to the first camp in the global 3D glass industry

nearly 9000 robots help reduce production costs

how does BYD electronics achieve such a huge amount of OEM? Wangnianqiang told the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po that BYD electronics currently has an engineer team of more than 12000 people, has applied for more than 6000 patents, and has authorized more than 5000. Its overall R & D strength is in the first echelon in the world. The company has a material technology team of more than 500 people. In the field of basic research and material science, the company has the world's leading capabilities in material R & D, design, testing and simulation. As an important part of mold manufacturing, BYD electronics has become the first domestic supplier to pass the audit of Nokia mold system, with an exhibition area of 22000 square meters, and has successfully entered the first echelon of global mold. It has world-class precision mold design, manufacturing and delivery capabilities, and has successfully exported molds to Germany and other manufacturing powers. It is such a powerful R & D force that promotes the rapid and stable development of BYD electronics. What makes me wonder is that there are almost no operating technicians in the workshop of BYD electronics factory. How can we achieve massive production? Wangnianqiang said that they have large-scale high-end automation and intelligent equipment, as well as the world's leading mold and material technology. Their intelligent manufacturing strength has taken the lead in the industry, greatly improved product quality and production efficiency, and well reduced labor costs. In 2018, BYD electronics involved 1240 automation transformation projects, an increase of 20% over 2017. There are more than 60000 automation equipment, about 9000 industrial robots, more than 200 types of equipment, and more than 1000 products and processes involved. In many production processes such as structural parts, radium carving and injection molding, the average coverage of automation is close to 100%, significantly leading the industry average

he stressed that at present, BYD's electronic unmanned workshop has been put into operation and is building a super smart factory - the whole system has brains, eyes, limbs, tens of thousands of automation equipment combined with cutting-edge technologies such as, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., and runs through all links of design, R & D, manufacturing, etc., to achieve intelligent production, intelligent operation and intelligent decision-making

focus on 5g opportunities and focus on R & D and innovation

at present, the world is facing extensive and in-depth development opportunities for 5g, which will bring business opportunities of trillions of dollars. 5g is an important part of 5g communication application. To this end, BYD electronics is vigorously seizing the opportunity and has made a large number of layout around 5g, IOT, artificial intelligence, etc

in the upcoming 5g era, BYD Electronics will continuously improve the quality and benefit of 5g key materials such as 3D glass, low dielectric constant PMH plastic and ceramics, which are laid out in advance, and continue to enable the 5g era. Compared with 4G, 5g belongs to the high frequency band, and signal transmission is easy to be interfered and lost. Therefore, signal transmission is one of the biggest bottlenecks of 5g. To this end, BYD electronics has innovated and developed a series of core technologies/products such as nano injection molding technology (PMH) and low dielectric constant plastics, which can effectively broaden the blood vessel of 5g signal transmission, make 5g signal more unobstructed, make the antenna change, and promote the arrival of the metal era

BYD electronics is accelerating 5g commercial progress through the application of innovative technologies, including 5g key materials such as low dielectric constant plastics, PMH plastics, 3D glass, ceramics, plastic partition decoration scheme, glass fusion scheme and other technologies. In order to better meet the 5g opportunity, BYD electronics has expanded from the original smart and notebook business to three business segments: smart/notebook + new smart products + automotive intelligent systems. It provides powerful support for 5g. After seven years of research and development in terms of product function, appearance and experience, it has once again promoted the reform of the industry and brought a better life to hundreds of millions of consumers around the world

differentiated competition seeks development advantages

in the past decade, the OEM industry has shifted from low-cost intensive labor to technology and capital intensive, and the competition among OEM enterprises is very fierce, especially among the enterprises in the forefront of global OEM. Therefore, BYD electronics also faces strong competition. In order to base itself on long-term development, BYD electronics adheres to the development concept of innovation oriented. In the market environment, BYD always takes the manufacturing industry as the foundation, uses core technology to innovate and compete differently, and realizes high-quality development

at the beginning, BYD electronics adhered to the innovation strategy. They initially served Motorola, Nokia, and now Huawei, Samsung and other partners, and gained advantages through innovation in product design and production process. If we compete with multinational giants with the same technology and equipment, we will certainly not be able to compete with them, because they have more money, brands and partners than you. If we want to win orders from Huawei, Samsung and other well-known brands, we must adopt differentiation. Therefore, over the years, BYD has always adopted a differentiated strategy in product design and process equipment, and fully automated and intelligent production lines have been adopted in product design and production line design. Wangnianqiang said

he said that in order to strengthen its technological competitive advantage, BYD electronics has strengthened the research and development and testing of materials, created a material database composed of tens of thousands of parameter curves, has the strongest comprehensive strength and most comprehensive material forming simulation capability in China, and has a number of world leading laboratories. The testing laboratory is the eye for material science research and development. Many of their laboratories have obtained CNAs national qualification certification and have been recognized by top customers such as Huawei and apple

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