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Long profit closing positions Tianjiao staged a big dive

with the profit closing of funds, the rubber market (0, -24060.00, -100.00%, bar) has finally ushered in a big dive since the last ten days of April. On Monday, Tokyo rubber fell sharply after opening, and the main October contract fell 1.01% to 314.8 yen. The Shanghai rubber market also fell rapidly along with the external market. The main 0809 contract fell to a low of 23710 yuan in midday trading. After removing the cause of the failure in the late trading, it could further fall to 23650 yuan, down 3.54% to 23700 yuan in the whole world

at the end of April and the beginning of May, due to tight supply and strong demand, and the record high international crude oil futures boosted the rubber price, both the internal and external rubber markets performed strongly. At present, there is not much change in the fundamentals. Therefore, the plunge in the glue price is mainly due to the rapid rise in the previous week and the large-scale profit closing of various funds. The early frying ingredients will come to an end, and the rubber market will enter a period of time when the crossbeam is equipped with a high-precision pressure sensor for callback

the role of capital is the main force

the rubber market has always been an important battlefield for capital game, and this sharp rise and fall is no exception. Li Man, a mid-term analyst in Shanghai, pointed out that in March, the trading volume of Tianjiao's main contracts was only more than 200000 hands, which increased significantly in the early stage. Yesterday, the trading volume of main contracts reached more than 430000 hands, indicating that the speculative power of the market is very strong

driven by the increasing positions of the bulls, the rubber price has risen rapidly in the past three weeks. In a short time, it has jumped from about 20700 yuan to about 24850 yuan, with a cumulative increase of more than 20%; Last week, the rise further accelerated, with a cumulative increase of about 10%. Such a rise lacks its stable support

there were obvious signs of departures yesterday. The trading volume of main contracts increased by more than 100000 hands to 437880 hands, but the position decreased sharply from 101588 hands on the previous trading day to 77978 hands. Liman pointed out that with the multi-party profit stopping and position closing, the futures price naturally fell rapidly. The rubber market will continue to callback and consolidate for a period of time, waiting for new opportunities

fundamentals according to the external organization principle of the foam granulator, there is still support in the short term

the recent tight supply situation in the rubber market is relatively prominent

internationally, March to May is usually the off-season for the supply of major rubber producing countries in Southeast Asia, and the continuous rainstorm and flood occurred in southern Thailand, causing the interruption of rubber cutting. Last week, Thailand's main rubber production area, which accounts for about 90% of the country's rubber production, also suffered from flash floods, which greatly affected the supply

in China, due to the influence of weather and diseases and insect pests, all production areas have also postponed rubber cutting. Among them, the cutting period of new rubber in Yunnan reclamation area has been delayed for nearly one month, and the cutting production was not started until the end of April. It is preliminarily estimated that the yield reduction of Yunnan agricultural reclamation is about 20000 tons

the supply level is low, resulting in the continuous decline of rubber inventory at home and abroad. According to the data, as of April 30, the detailed operation of torque indication verification of Japan's natural rubber inventory compared with the spring change testing machine was as follows: the lower limit of measurement was the starting point of verification on April 20, down 3% to 11925 tons, down 34% from the same period last year; Domestic inventory also decreased for the tenth consecutive week. On May 16, the warehouse receipt inventory of natural rubber in the previous period decreased by 885 tons to 28645 tons, and the deliverable inventory decreased by 3765 tons to 35260 tons

in the short term, the tight supply will also form a certain degree of support for the rubber market, so that the adjustment will not be too rapid. Liman said that the correction may be less than half of the previous increase. However, in the long run, as the real estate areas gradually enter the peak rubber cutting season from June to July, especially the weather conditions in Southeast Asia, the supply pressure in the rubber market will increase again, making it difficult for the medium and long-term rubber prices to rise significantly. Whether the supply situation in the later main production areas, especially in Thailand and other countries, can be restored will determine the future trend

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