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Digging cables, being a model, running a dragon suit... Why did this 40 something old man tell a story that was broadcast a billion times

when he became red, he was already in his 40s

before that, he had dug a cable pit at the construction site, worked as an international relations manager in a hotel, worked as a salesman, acted in a TV drama, and worked as a male number two. He had written a script and wanted to make a movie...

now, he is a popular anchor, but he doesn't need beauty or a filter

with one mouth, his talk about the history of Qin and Han Dynasties reached 260million times, while the history of the Three Kingdoms later became even more popular, reaching an astonishing 390million times

some friends rated him as one of the three best storytellers on the Internet, and the other two were gaoxiaosong and luozhenyu

if he doesn't update for a day, the audience will be impatient and ask him what he did and why he didn't update; If he doesn't update it in two days, his fan base will be fried...

he said that he can't be sick or go on business, otherwise millions of listeners will have to make a meal

the male anchor with his orchid fingers raised

before each recording, he would make two pots of tea, one is new tea, the other is old tea. The new tea moistens his voice during the recording process, and the old tea is happy during the rest. "This sense of ceremony still needs to be there."

if you watch Xie Tao recording the program on site, your impression of him must be that he has cramps

he is used to dancing when talking about history. In his words, it is "entering the play". Speaking of Cao Cao, you will see a middle-aged man without a beard standing there with his head held high; When it comes to a weak woman, you will see that the one meter eight man unconsciously raises his orchid fingers...

in short, Xie Tao, who likes movies and acting, seems to be acting against the camera instead of recording, which makes his voice full of a sense of picture

his fans said that this sense of picture can be heard in his voice

the most typical example is his "saving the soldier Geng Gong" in the history of Qin and Han Dynasties

in the Han Dynasty, a thousand soldiers of the Han Dynasty were besieged by the Huns at the border. When the imperial court decided to abandon them, someone came out to rescue them. This is such a story

the anchor said that when he was telling this history, tears filled his eyes and burst into tears. After the release of this program, his audience also burst into tears

(slide up and down to check the comments of listening friends on saving soldier Geng Gong)

Xie Tao likes to describe his work as cooking, and he is a chef

I make this thing as a meal. There are rice, vegetables, soup, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar. Add them. Only in this way can the food be delicious enough and the story be wonderful

as a chef, he is faced with a large number of historical books in China, including classical Chinese, vertical typesetting and traditional Chinese. He needs to understand and master them one by one, but these are just the backbone of the story

he has a notebook dedicated to recording the interesting words that people say in daily life. After more than 20 years of recording, he has accumulated a large box of data, "the kind of paper box for a single door refrigerator." Speaking of this, he was a little complacent. This box is where his confidence lies

for him, the best condition is that several brothers are sitting under the big banyan tree with half a can of beer in their hands. When I say something, you also say, "Oh, people are only willing to listen to your story with this feeling, right?"

he once met zhangyuekai, a Cantonese master of ancient speaking. In Guangdong, zhangyuekai is as famous as Shan Tianfang

when Xietao met him in the dining hall, he had already suffered from throat cancer. He looked like an ordinary old man. He queued up in the dining hall to buy porridge like their younger generation

at that moment, I knew that only with such a mentality can we tell stories that people like and everyone can listen to them

of course, as Zeng Guofan said, fame is all over the world, and slander follows. Many people think that he speaks too little about history

he thinks he is spreading history, not studying history

for most people, those academic history books are neither understood nor bought. Even if they are bought, they will be put on the bookshelf to eat ashes, or they will send a circle of friends. "No one reads them in Chengdu. They just want to send a circle of friends."

he once set a standard for his own programs: 6-year-old children should also understand

"a 6-year-old child can't understand. Go back and write the manuscript and outline again. You must have made a mistake."

looking through the comment area of Xie Tao's program, you can see many friends' replies: I am in grade three, I am in grade one...

whenever you see the replies of these children, Xie Tao will feel that he has "done it"

because he thinks that at this age, there are two types of children who do not like history, but because of his programs, they all like history

besides, there are quite a few children who won the first place in the history exam because they listened to his program

"isn't this a proud achievement?" He asked in reply

Xie Tao is known by more people because he talks about history, but in reality he is the host of Foshan people's radio station

because Foshan is located in southern Guangdong, the radio station still focuses on Cantonese. Xie Tao is a native of Wenzhou. He hosts the program in Mandarin. From the perspective of upstream and downstream industries, he is not well known in Taichung

when he was just in the history of listening to the world, the program was placed in a period with low listening rate, "it is true, but it is often a period when good desires are placed in a corner, that is, an awkward position, and there are not many selling points."

it seems that he didn't do it with much intention

speaking of this, he hesitated and added: "I don't know if the radio station owner will be sad after reading this exclusive interview."

but because of a misunderstanding, he had the confidence to continue

at that time, he received a leader in the radio station. This leader especially liked listening to the world. He thought that this program must have been bought by CCTV, because "Foshan station is unlikely to have such a good Mandarin program. It must have been run by CCTV"

this misunderstanding greatly encouraged him, "it turns out that there are still people echoing me when I do things."

slowly, you can see someone listening to his program on the roadside

if time goes on like this, and if the Internet era does not come, it may last until retirement. Xie Tao has been broadcasting listening to the world on the radio, and there will be an audience, but it is certainly not him now

at that time, as soon as Xie Tao's father learned to go to school, he put Xie Tao's program on his blog and uploaded it for two years. There were more than 400000 visits. "It was very good for me at that time, more than 400000."

later, another computer engineer volunteered to put his audio on the "electric donkey", and soon the download volume reached more than one million times

the engineer told him that this was just the beginning, while Xie Tao "was just hehe at that time"

a few years later, Xie Tao clearly remembered that it was a rainy season. He received a message from Shanghai. This person was yujianjun, CO CEO of Himalaya, and also his fan...

"he spoke to me in Shanghai accent for a long time, but I didn't hear it clearly, so I heard the words' Himalaya 'clearly."

Xie Tao couldn't help muttering, "where is Himalaya? I'm returning the Pearl to mulangma. Does Himalaya have a signal? Are you kidding?" so he choked it off

but I didn't expect that five minutes later, president Yu called again and said, "sorry, my signal can't be cut off."

Xie Tao recalled with a smile, "at that time, I felt different in my heart. It was obviously that I hung up on him, but he apologized to me.

later, I learned about president Yu's experience. Although he was not from the audio industry before, he insisted. I think the person who can persist will get better no matter how bad his luck is. This is persistence."

on this point of Chongyu, Xie Tao pushed off the invitation of other platforms and finally decided to develop together with the Himalayas

now, in the Himalayas, Xietao listening to the world can easily reach millions of hits within 24 hours. "Listening to Xie Tao in the Warring States period", "listening to Xie Tao in the Qin and Han Dynasties" and "listening to Xie Tao in the Three Kingdoms" have a total broadcast volume of 1billion, and 1.5 of every 10 users who listen to historical programs listen to Xie Tao's programs

his name is the guarantee of the popularity of history programs

he has a ten-year appointment. Do you dare to go to

Xie Tao graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University and studied power engineering, but he has a special fondness for film, radio and history

during the college entrance examination, I wanted to apply to an art college. I made a special trip to learn from singers. I didn't learn much about songs, but I practiced my voice well

in college, he was the main member of the campus radio station in Jiaotong University because he was fond of broadcasting and writing. For those engineering courses that are not interested in, "long live 60 points."

after working in radio station, I studied editing and directing in Communication University of China, so that I could examine my career and dream from a broader perspective

a few years ago, because of the good conditions, he also participated in some low-cost TV dramas and acted as the male number two

at present, he still has two historical plays in hand, but unfortunately, no one has submitted them

however, Xie Tao's transformation from an engineering man to a literary man was not smooth sailing

whether he insisted on his love or became a mere worldly man, he fell into deep self doubt. In those gray days when there was no hope, he often locked himself in the room and wept

at first, he dug pits to bury cables at the construction site

at that time, I was young and didn't feel much hardship, but there was a bad thing about this job. The biggest problem was that there were really no heterosexuals on this construction site

having no girlfriend is as terrible as having no ideal

he added with a wry smile that he didn't even have animals of the opposite sex. His master didn't get married until he was 40

he thought that this was not possible, so he jumped to a hotel as an international relations manager, and then went to a trading company to do sales. After only twoorthree years of graduation, he has changed three jobs

when he saw the host of Foshan radio station recruiting, he went to apply for a job with a literary heart and rode a motorcycle without hesitation

"I almost died on the road. It's no exaggeration!" He described the situation with lingering fear

more than 20 years ago, when he was applying for a radio host, he fell unconscious on the road when he turned the corner of the highway, but he woke up and found that he was unscathed. He felt that God was hinting that he should do this job

since then, I have been stable in the radio station for more than 20 years

now when he stepped into the studio, he had a feeling, "it's more like a feeling. I can't make mistakes. I want them to listen more happily."

in the interview, I asked him how he started the history program, and he talked about the movie "the first character D" starring Jay Chou

in the film, Jay Chou is obsessed with cars. At the same time, he is also the one who drives tofu on the famous autumn mountain. This has honed his driving skills, and the most

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