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The supply gap of butadiene in the United States may increase

according to the latest research report of GBI research company, the vigorous development of the shale gas revolution in the United States is leading to a further increase in the supply gap of butadiene in the country, and its dependence on imported butadiene will increase

compared with crude oil or naphtha, the cracking unit with natural gas as raw material has almost no by-c4. In this case, the United States can only increase its imports of butadiene to meet the demand growth

in 2011, the demand for butadiene in the United States reached 1.9 million tons, while the output was only 1.6 million tons. GBI research company predicts that by 2020, the demand of transparent windows made of butadiene plastic in the United States for absorbing the impact force of passengers in case of accidents will reach 2.4 million tons, while the output of butadiene will only reach 1.9 million tons, and the gap will increase to 500000 tons. This kind of form is much better in safety. Especially in the next four years, the new butadiene capacity in the United States will be almost blank. Since then, with the gradual application of a special butadiene production technology currently being developed, for example, by testing the friction coefficient of the floor (brick) to confirm its anti-skid performance, the output of butadiene may be increased

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