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BT applied for value-added telecom service license in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

BT applied to the Ministry of industry and information technology last week for value-added telecom service license in Shanghai free trade zone

the license is related to BT's VPN value-added service in Shanghai free trade zone. First finance contacted BT on the 19th. However, BT said that it could not provide more details because it had not obtained the license and was worried about misunderstanding

during the Dalian Davos Forum last September, heweiqin, President of BT China, said that BT was actively applying for value-added service licenses in China

on May 18, michaelrake, chairman of BT group's board of directors, revealed at the media communication meeting attended by first finance that he had recently visited the Ministry of industry and information technology to seek to bring British Telecom products and technologies to the Shanghai free trade zone

as an external supplier, we need to do some work in compliance. Three years ago, Shanghai free trade zone required external suppliers to apply. We submitted our application last week, that is, to apply for VPN network service. The purpose is to provide better services for Chinese customers and overseas customers in China. Qiuxiangying, managing director of BT Northeast Asia, said at the above tongwenhong notification and communication meeting

the 15 year market protection period after China's accession to the WTO ended last year, in which the gradual opening of the telecommunications industry to foreign investment was put on the agenda. In fact, most MEG and PE manufacturers in the region of multinational operators said that they would reduce the operating rate of devices. It is still necessary to break through the policy difficulties in applying for telecom business licenses in China. In the past, BT mainly carried out business related to China by providing multi-party communication services to foreign-funded enterprises in China and Chinese enterprises overseas

before 2014, BT tried to apply for relevant telecom business licenses in China, but failed. Last year, BT instead sought to conduct business in China with Chinese companies through license cooperation with domestic companies. It reached a cooperation with a Beijing conference company to promote BT's conference solutions to its customers

bt is the largest broadband operator in the UK. In the fiscal year ended March 31, BT group achieved revenue of about 18.9 billion pounds (about 180.4 billion yuan) and pre tax profit of about 3billion pounds (about 28.9 billion yuan). On January 29 this year, BT completed the acquisition of EE, the largest mobile operator in the UK, for about 12.5 billion pounds (about 119.2 billion yuan)

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