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High grey is elegant, modest, quiet, introverted, and the log color is mild and elegant. Nordic style represents not only a style, but also a high-quality living state. Now let's have a look with osley wallcovering

what northern Europe pays attention to is fresh, natural, simple, elegant, simple but not out of style. Behind every line and the connotation of every design, it seems that there are many stories. Behind the elegant space, it reflects the pursuit of urban people for low-pressure life and leisure life, which well explains the free home with both quality and sense

high grade grey is elegant, modest, quiet, introverted, and the log color is mild and elegant. It represents not only a style, but also a high-quality living state

house type diagram

elegant Nordic style | elegant Nordic style

living room

entering the door is a large porch cabinet, which increases the storage capacity of the whole space and makes the home more orderly

the right side of the porch is the living room and the left side is the dining room. Although they are in the same space, the regional division of labor is clear

the living room takes the "MINT" solo show as the sofa background wall, which is shallow, fresh and transparent

the space as a whole takes gray and log colors as the background, white sofas as the foreground, and black and gray pink as decorations to create an elegant and introverted space, while there is no lack of liveliness and leisure

the style in the figure - sm-13 sm-15 qx-23

the restaurant takes the black and metal dining tables as the protagonists, and the gray dining chairs match, which is somewhat light and luxurious. The log colored ceiling and lamps add a somewhat natural and quiet feeling to the home

the color of the wall comes down in one continuous line with that of the restaurant, but one side of it harmonizes the whole space with dark colors, and the three picture frames are presented in the form of embroidery with a light and realistic plane style, which is the collision between art and reality

the style in the figure - qx-16 qx-23

master bedroom

the master bedroom still echoes the guest restaurant. With a light gray background, the log colored bed and dressing table seem to have their own temperature, warm and natural

the background wall at the head of the bed is textured with intersecting lines, and the three decorative paintings are soft in tone, adding a bit of freshness to the whole space

the style in the figure - qx-22 qx-23

circular arc small space, four large French windows, give the master bedroom enough lighting. Here, put a comfortable sofa, occasionally read books, daze, and watch the city scenery. It can't be more leisurely. It's a good place to relax

style in the figure - qx-22

second bedroom

the bed of the second bedroom is placed in the form of suspension, which is more in line with the preferences of young people who are informal. The background wall at the head of the bed is a gray "shadow", which has a somewhat cool feeling and is in line with the personality of the owner's family. And the green plants add a bit of vitality to the whole room

style in the figure - qx-23 qx-28


study is a space where art and life coexist. The wooden desks and chairs and simple easels are showing the host's enthusiasm for life

on the other side is a white sofa. Sometimes I'm tired from study and work. Taking a nap here is also a good choice

the style in the figure - qx-23

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