Identify consumption points and help door and wind

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In this era of focusing on consumer demand, the power of brand building and brand building cannot be ignored. Therefore, in the process of brand marketing, door and window enterprises must know how to find consumption points and understand the selling advantages of their products, so as to help build a strong brand

identify consumption pain points

the so-called consumption pain points refer to the problems that occur during and after the purchase of consumers. These problems are related to the interests of consumers. Therefore, what door and window enterprises should do is to find a series of problems faced by consumers in the daily terminal sales, and then formulate targeted countermeasures to solve the problems; Secondly, door and window enterprises need to inform consumers of the advantages of their products, so as to create a feeling that no one has me, so as to hit the pain point

stimulate consumption itch point

if the pain point can be explained logically, then itch point is equivalent to doing the opposite. As the saying goes, if door and window enterprises want users to consume, they need to have the idea or desire to "pay". Therefore, in terms of products and brands, door and window enterprises need to have their own points of interest or characteristics, which can bring consumers a sense of emotional or psychological satisfaction, so as to stimulate itching points





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