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Roland style doors and windows | stick to the original intention, cross the sea of people for 12 years, and stay away from the troubled world

find the peace at the beginning,

just to achieve the most beautiful encounter

Roland windows look forward to meeting you

fast tempo at present

everything pursues speed,

perfunctory and impetuous filled the whole society,

as if a little slow will be eliminated by the times


Roland windows

always insist on being slow, precise and stable

quality is the first thing and

far away from the chaos of the times

selected materials

Roland windows always believe that raw materials are fundamental,

high quality finished products cannot be made without high-quality raw materials,

for quality,

we chose imported black oak

after identification and testing by many professionals,

glass only has 3C certification,

5mm hollow double-layer tempered glass

imported equipment

whether the equipment is good or not is an important factor affecting the finished product.

Roland German doors and windows in order to ensure the quality,

import advanced equipment from Germany,

ensure the accuracy of the product

exquisite craftsmanship

in the production process, the "unique skill" of the master determines the quality of the product details.

the workshop cutting master of Roland German doors and windows can not only accurately judge the operation,

each cut profile should be "zero error "e;.

accurate control

on the market,

we usually hear that" current products are not durable "

but in terms of Roland windows,

we will never allow it" is almost the same ",

there is no fluke,

only perfect products.

fine packaging

we know that

ensuring product quality is far from enough,

we need to be responsible for products,

we need to be responsible for consumers,


we are also unambiguous in product packaging.

high quality glass protective film, aluminum packaging film and pearl cotton packaging strip,

plus thick.Paper bag The wrapped product can still be guaranteed to be undamaged when it is in the middle of transportation

▲ pearl packaging cotton

▼ paper packaging

on time delivery

Roland windows

fully implement the systematic operation mode,

realize the network integrated monitoring and management of order release, production plan, finished product warehousing and storage,

warehousing and so on

while ensuring quality,

scientific manufacturing process also ensures the delivery time of products

every design is a dialogue with nature,

every polishing comes from the pursuit of quality,

Roland style doors and windows are unable to change social bad habits,

but they can adhere to the sincere original intention,

make high-quality doors and windows for the majority of consumers





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