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The Chinese people's favorite God is the God of wealth. Who doesn't want to be the God of wealth? But the job of God of wealth is not low. The selected people are either big in their own right, such as Maitreya Buddha, the successor of Sakyamuni

I. where is the God of wealth

the Chinese people's favorite God is the God of wealth. Who doesn't want to be the God of wealth

but the job of God of wealth is not low. The selected people are either big in their own right, such as Maitreya Buddha, the successor of Sakyamuni; Or they are big merchants, such as Zigong, Fan Li, Shen Wansan; Or they are the pacesetters of folk morality, such as Bigan, Guan Yu and so on. However, these people are so far away from us that many people don't know them

in that case, is there a god of wealth in modern times? For example, today's so and so cloud tycoon, so and so Lin Da is in charge, and so and so great good people, who have scattered countless wealth and done countless good deeds, are they counted? Looks incompatible, too fierce, hypocritical?? In our hearts, there is always a trace of resistance: although they are the God of wealth, they are always a little short of the true God of wealth

doesn't that mean there is no God of wealth today

second, God of wealth, recalling the wonderful performance in Ouyang Zhenhua's play

everything is absolute. Among a group of gods of wealth, there is a very unique special case - Ouyang Zhenhua's great God of wealth

yes, it's this happy and blessed " Ouyang "e; The God of wealth, who swept thousands of girls in the 96 edition of God of wealth, made all Chinese god of wealth fans crazy. Do you remember the plot

"the God of wealth has always believed that money is omnipotent, but the mortal Yang Xi (played by Guo Jin'an) is different from everyone. He always doesn't believe that money is omnipotent. Even the God of wealth can't help but decide to come down to earth to change his view. Therefore, the God of wealth incarnates as Yang Xi's third uncle Yang Jicai (played by Ouyang Zhenhua) Down to earth. Yang Jicai lured ah Jiu with tens of millions of family wealth, but ah Jiu was stubborn. No matter what means Ji Cai used, he refused to change his view. Ji Cai met the model Joan of arc. Ji Cai won the beauty's heart with his endless wealth. He was not satisfied for a moment. However, he had a relationship with Joan of arc because of confusion, violated the rules of heaven, and was deprived of all magic and demoted to mortal. Jicai suddenly fell into poverty. Now, Jicai must do everything possible to return to heaven! "

third, uncle Caishen's wonderful real life

the plot belongs to the plot, and the legend belongs to the legend. In fact, the God of wealth who recruited wealth and fortune can be loved by everyone " National husband "e;. We didn't have the chance to meet our lovely uncle Ouyang, the God of wealth in the play. In reality, sometimes it's also a cheap side. Uncle Ouyang, who is already in his 50s, has appeared for a long time. We can only share the bits and pieces of his life from Uncle Caishen's microblog, such as:

microblog release on April 11: happy vacation ~ ~

microblog release on April 2: I can eat my happiest Japanese cuisine again last night.

microblog release on March 10: a while ago, I had a party with a group of friends who played football together as teenagers, although I haven't seen them for many years, But don't feel strange, this feeling is really good

from Uncle Ouyang's microblog, we can still feel his infinite joy and positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Just like his performance in the God of wealth, his face full of blessings really makes people happy and happy

I really want to see uncle Caishen. Of course, I have to ask him for a big red envelope

IV. Yujia came in person and set a "price" in Jinmen

great good news. My friends don't have to worry about seeing uncle Ouyang Zhenhua again

on April 17, the flagship store of sieneman Tianjin Bohai Rim home furnishing opened grandly. Ouyang Zhenhua, the God of wealth, will sign on the spot to bring you thousands of good fortune and give you red envelopes. Little friends must not miss it

red envelope big delivery 1: E0 grade environmental protection board as low as 99 yuan/㎡

on April 17, the Tianjin flagship store of sieneman whole house customization reopened, E0 grade environmental protection board as low as 99 yuan/㎡ (10 ㎡ per household), sliding door as low as 398 yuan/㎡, and projection with door and cabinet as low as 798 yuan/㎡

red envelope delivery 2: Zhong Kui came personally, an "aldehyde" is no longer a legend

Ouyang Zhenhua came personally to the opening site of sieneman and announced the lowest discount of Hexiang board without formaldehyde release throughout the year; "Master Zhong Kui" will "beat formaldehyde" with you to care for 4 groups

red envelope three: female Constable with a knife, discount, discount, only this time throughout the year

in addition to value-added discount, place an order on the spot, and have a mysterious discount

red envelope delivery 4: set off the casino situation, 100 yuan =500 yuan

1, deposit 100 yuan =500 yuan, attend the "God of wealth" Ouyang Zhenhua meeting, you can add 500 yuan to offset the payment for goods (excluding special offers)

2. Follow schneiman's wardrobe and forward schneiman's wechat to the circle of friends to draw red envelopes

red envelope five: Crazy smashing golden eggs, a lot of gifts

crazy smashing golden eggs, "eggs" this box is polite! Brand refrigerators, LCD TVs, robot vacuum cleaners and other value-added gifts are waiting for you

millions of red envelopes, can't be missed, and you can have close contact with Uncle Ouyang, the God of wealth! On April 17, Tianjin, make an appointment with you




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