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[] the decoration quotation of the decoration company has no unified rigid provisions, but provides a quota standard. Due to the fierce competition in the decoration market, most decoration companies have to lower their quotation below the quota. Generally speaking, the unit price of decoration projects is set by each decoration company, which is different. The unit price of these items mainly depends on the following factors: the rationality of the overall layout of the housing structure itself; The fineness of the initial decoration foundation of the house; Different grades and brands of decoration materials; Differences in construction technology and decoration technology; The ease of decoration projects; Distance between construction sites; Decoration company's project management mode; The management ability and level of the decoration company; Conduct and moral standard of decoration company. Decoration www.jiazhuang6 Com

in order to facilitate operation and management, most decoration companies have unified the unit price of decoration projects. Each quotation of decoration works is based on this. However, in order to attract and retain customers, decoration companies will use discounted business methods. Of course, for customers, the more decoration discounts, the better. But after all, customers are laymen in decoration, and bargaining is the general psychology of decoration consumers. Therefore, some customers believe that the more they cut from the decoration quotation, the more successful the negotiation is, and the more balanced their psychology is

in fact, this idea is not reasonable. For single discount, such as paving tiles, the quotation of decoration company a is 40 yuan/m2, the final quotation of 20% discount is 32 yuan/m2, the decoration quotation of decoration company B is 30 yuan/m2, the final quotation of 10% discount is 27 yuan/m2, and the decoration quotation of decoration company C is 24 yuan/m2, but there is no discount. From the above final decoration quotation figures, decoration company a has cut the most amount. If a house needs to be paved with floor tiles of 100m2, then this item alone can cut 800 yuan. Do you think you have made money? In fact, this 800 yuan originally belongs to you. Decoration company C doesn't offer discounts. Maybe you will feel at a loss if you choose it, because you may have heard that other decoration companies offer discounts, and you may also have heard that floor tiles only cost 20 yuan/m2. But have you calculated the cost? Decoration jiazhuang6 Com

according to the decoration market, the labor cost of a technically qualified bricklayer is 16 ~ 30 yuan/m2, the cost price of cement is about 17 yuan/bag, the cost price of sand is about 3 yuan/bag, 1 bag of cement with 3 bags of sand can be paved with floor tiles up to 4.5m2, in addition to freight, clearing fees and other expenses, so the cost of paving floor tiles is not less than 25 yuan/m2. Decoration www.jiazhuang6 Com

it can be seen that the discount of decoration quotation is only a promotional method of decoration companies. The discount of decoration will only reduce the profit margin, but not the decoration cost. For the overall discount, for example, the total quotation of decoration company a is 20000 yuan, and if you give a 10% discount, the final quotation is 18000 yuan, and the total quotation of decoration company B is 18000 yuan, but there is no discount. It seems that decoration company a gives you a discount, which saves you money. In fact, the strength of the decoration company and the final quotation, the cost performance of the two is the most important. Decoration jiazhuang6 Com

don't pay attention to the decoration discount, and don't pay attention to the final decoration quotation. Otherwise, even if you sign a contract with the decoration company with the lowest decoration quotation, in the end, the decoration company has to seize the loopholes in the decoration contract or play some seemingly reasonable means in order to earn profits, so as to increase the decoration investment, resulting in the loss outweighing the gain of decoration consumers. Real cost accounting and reasonable transparent profits are worth considering and choosing for decoration consumers

remember: decoration companies will never do business at a loss




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